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Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Like Ideo's Process, Storytelling Transformational

A recent article on Ideo Founder David Kelley summed up the experience of working with him as transformational--in my view, the highest compliment any consultant can hear. After all, we're called in to help organizations work through an issue that needs a fresh perspective and new tools, and the hope is that our work will to some type of significant change, or transformation, at some level. And it doesn't need to be a huge transformation to make a big impact.

Like design, storytelling is a concept that at first may seem to be more about style than substance. But one of the best testimonials my work has earned was from an executive who, after a two-day intensive retreat, said, "Storytelling sounded too simple and basic to spend two full days on, but the further we dug into our stories, the more I realized how profound it is."

To read the entire article on David Kelley and his work at Ideo, go to

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